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Pakistan is blessed with one of the most unique mountain systems in the world. We have the highest mountains, longest glaciers, fantastic mountain valleys, cultures and communities that almost border on the mythical. And now we have a Mountain Film Festival of International standing where we can proudly showcase the grandeur of our mountains and the mountains of the world to a local and wider international audience.
PIMFF is a project conceived and developed by Eyebex Films, a TV production company based in Islamabad Pakistan that specializes in the production of adventure, travel, environment and cultural films.
Pakistan International Mountain Film Festival (PIMFF) was held for 2 days at Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore on June 2105. PIMFF 2015, the first event of its kind ever to be held in Pakistan was a huge success and is on its way to become an annual event in Pakistan.
At PIMFF 2015, 32 best films related to the mountains from Pakistan and all over the world were selected out of 500 submissions and were screened simultaneously in 2 halls at Alhamra Arts Council Lahore. The festival also included a photography exhibition under the title of “Spectacular Pakistan” where 100 photographs of one of the six top photographers of Pakistan were displayed.
There were tourist information stalls and pavilions set up by private tour operators and other Government tourism departments from all the provinces of Pakistan disseminating information about tourist destinations, adventure tourism and culture of Pakistan. In addition, there were interactive talk sessions with travel writers, film directors and mountaineers that were attended by a large number of people.
18 foreign delegates including festival directors, photographers, filmmakers, actors, mountain climbers and writers from around 12 different countries of the world attended the festival. These foreign delegates came from Europe, India, Nepal, Kazakastan and countries as far as Mexico, Brazil and Australia. Their return airfare, boarding &lodging was fully paid and provided by PIMFF.
From Pakistan 150 delegates including, mountaineers, high altitude porters, paragliders, travel writers, filmmakers, photographers, festival directors, actors, environmentalists and tourism experts from all over the country were especially invited as official guests by PIMFF.
This is the first time that all those high altitude porters and prominent Pakistani mountaineers, who have climbed 8000 meter peaks were invited and honored at PIMFF. High porters who are the unsung heroes and who hardly get any mention when big peaks are climbed were awarded medals and cash prizes and their services for the country and the sport were highly appreciated at the opening ceremony of PIMFF 2015. PIMFF proved to be a productive platform for these high porters who spoke to large audiences at the festival about their climbing experiences and also voiced their grievances which were actually heard and heeded at the state level.
PIMFF proudly proclaims that three days after the festival, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr Nawaz Sharif personally met Hassan Sadpara and provided funds for his dream of climbing all 14 8000 meter peaks in the world. Hassan Sadpara has already climbed 6 of these peaks including Everest and K2.